A Quick Note on Rack

If you've been developing Ruby on Rails applications for a while now you would have heard of "Rack" and "Rack middleware" many times. Here's a quick summary of what Rack is and what middleware does.


How I came to understand Object Orientated Design

I've been coding for about 3 years now and whilst I certainly don't proclaim to be an expert in object orientated design I thought it would be worthwhile to share my understanding of it.


ActiveAdmin using Clearance on Rails 4.1

Recently I worked on a project that required an admin interface for the business owner to manage records within the application. To this end we considered a few different approaches.


How I Start with TDD using RSpec & Capybara

You've got your Rails application up and running, you may have even deployed it to Heroku - and now you want to start coding using TDD (test-driven development), but you're asking yourself - where do I start?

rspec capybara

Staging & Production Environments on Heroku

In this post I'll demonstrate a simple way to create staging and production environments on Heroku so you'll be slinging code on the web in no time.

rails heroku

Rails 4 with Unicorn & Foreman

As a first post I thought I'd start right from the beginning and give a quick overview of how I would set up a new project using Rails 4 with Ruby 2.0.


Project Planning with Balsamiq and Trello

Before starting work on a brand new project I like to plan what I'm going to build and how I'm going to build it. In this post, I'll give a brief overview of the process I use to get started.

mockups balsamiq trello

An Introduction

Welcome to Ralph on Rails, my personal blog where I discuss Ruby, Rails and anything else I'm hacking on. I'm hoping this blog will help illustrate my approach to programming and what I'm interested in. With that said, what should you expect to find on Ralph on Rails?